When it comes to accessories for your garage door, there’s no wrong choice. Our New Jersey garage door company offers a wealth of options, providing you with security, convenience, and a sense of style.

Some of the accessories we’re pleased to provide are::

  • Remote Controls-If you’ve arrived home after a hard day’s work, the last thing you want is to lug open your garage door. Even worse, if the weather is nasty and you’re dealing with a blizzard or torrential downpour, you want to stay warm and dry. We offer reliable remote controls that let your garage door opener do all the work for you, while you stay in the comfort of your car.
  • Key Pads-Security is a concern for responsible homeowners. For a determined thief, a locked garage door might not be good enough. But with our wide variety of digital keypads, your home has an extra layer of protection. Plus, covers are built to be weather resistant and keys are easy to read for increased convenience.
  • Surge Protectors-A good surge protector is your garage’s first and last line of defense when it comes to a lightning strike or power problems. You’ll also receive protection for your AC power line and control panel. This component can provide extra protection for the integrity of your garage door system.
  • Name Brand Garage Doors-There’s a reason why so many people keep coming back to certain brands. They have the longevity, reliability, and affordability to become iconic. A few of the garage door company brands we offer are Amarr, Clopay, Wayne Dalton, General Doors, and CHI.
  • Internet Enabled Products-We offer multiple products that can sync your garage door system with your smartphone, computer, or tablet. If you need to use your garage door opener from work, a restaurant, or halfway around the world, we can make it happen.